The concept is rather simple. A guy is looking for sex or love. He turns to his Facebook, where all his photos and information already is. He finds a few new friends. One just happens to be you. You can take care of him. You worm an affiliate link into him through casual conversation. He takes the bait. You're $130 richer. Simple, right? Wrong.

96% of those who have tried this I have talked to have made next to nothing. I managed to rake in five straight four-figure months doing an average of three hours each day. Now I train others to do the same when they purchase an Eighteenth Sense Package.

Each package comes with a Facebook account. The account is aged a few days for validity, and has several hundred friends at the time of purchase. There will also be a flood of friend acceptances throughout the next several weeks of the account.

This Facebook account will have all of the information filled out professionally, have photos uploaded and tagged of the individual, will have joined groups, and will have friend requests and inbox messages waiting at the time of purchase.

Along with the Facebook, you will receive a Yahoo account connected. This account can be changed if necessary. I will also send you links to any places where I have found albums of the same individual for future use with the profile package.

You will also receive a list of 8,000 emails, gathered from various Facebook groups, for use in adding friends. They will be sent in the Friends > Invite Friends field on the main Facebook profile.

In addition to these things mentioned, you will receive lifetime support and customer service from myself via email. Feel free to ask me any question at any time, and expect a valid, helpful answer in return. Nothing to pay, nothing to worry about.

These packages will also come with account ban protection. If your account is banned for any reason within a year of purchase, and we see fit to replace it (which we almost always will), we will replace it, no charge, and get you off the ground.

You also have the option to request additional accounts at other sites (Twitter, Pornhub, MySpace), for a small additional fee.

Pricing is name-your-own-price. Some packages are agreed upon at $15. Others have sold for over $250. The choice is yours. We'll discuss and decide a final quote, and it will always be reasonable. We respect your budget and decisions.

Email to reserve your package today!